Vernon Concert Venue Information

Vernon Zoning Regulations Summary

This page has selective sections from the Vernon Zoning Regulations that may be applicable to the concert venue application. The underlining is added.

Section 2 - Definitions

2.20 Commercial Recreational Facility: Any facility where a fee is paid in exchange for activities, events, or programs related to athletics, physical conditioning and accessory activities.

Section 3 - General Provisions

3.17 Outdoor Motion Picture Theaters: The erection, operation or any other use of outdoor motion picture theaters is not permitted in any zoning district under any circumstance.

Section 4.24 - Gerber Planned Development Zone When the proposal includes a use or a mix of uses, which in sum are net tax revenue negative to the Town or only marginally net revenue positive, the Commission shall make a finding that other considerations outweigh the negative fiscal impacts, such as in regard to general community benefits, nonprofit activities, and activities of cultural or historic significance.

Section 4.25 - Exit 67 Planned Development Zone That the design elements of the proposed development are attractive and suitable in relation to the site characteristics and style of other buildings in the immediate area, and that the proposed use would not pose an unacceptable risk of altering the essential characteristics of the area or adversely effecting property values in the neighborhood; The Applicant must provide a municipal fiscal impact analysis / study demonstrating the net municipal revenue impact of a proposal using acceptable cost/revenue analysis techniques, demonstration of open space conservation and linkage to other open spaces, demonstration of acceptable traffic impact, and demonstration of compatibility of uses within the site and with neighbors in the district as well as neighbors abutting the district.

Section 4.9 - Use Districts, Commercial

4.9.4 Special Permits: The following uses may be permitted when granted a Special Permit by the Planning and Zoning Commission. Commercial education or recreational activities. Sell or server of alcoholic beverages.

Section 13 - Performance Standards

13.5 Exterior and/or interior lighting shall not produce glare on public highways or neighboring property or conflict with any traffic signals.

Section 14 - Site Plans Lighting plans to be approved by the Commission.

Section 17. - Special Regulations, Special Permits

17.3 The Planning & Zoning Commission shall hear and decide on all request for Special Permits in accordance with the General Statutes of Connecticut and the terms of this ordinance as follows:
   17.3.1 Only those uses specifically designated as Special Permits in Section 4, "Use Districts" or Section 8, "Dumps and Incinerator Sites" may be permitted by the Planning & Zoning Commission following a Public Hearing. Such uses shall meet the following requirements: It shall be compatible with neighboring uses. It shall not create a nuisance. It shall not hinder the future sound development of the community.

Section 21 - Architectural & Design Review Regulations

21.6.1 Exterior lighting standards and building fixtures shall be of a design and size compatible with the building and adjacent areas. Lighting shall be restrained in design and excessive brightness avoided.