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Concert Venue in 1970
The concert venue in 1970

"Vernon is a celebrated place to live and work. From its beautiful parks and lakes, to its vast trails and historic homes and buildings, Vernon has it all. With its easy access to several state routes as well as Interstate 84, Vernon is a diversified community. Because of its locale, Vernon provides homeowners the opportunity to enjoy suburbia, while enjoying a short commute to either Hartford or Springfield business districts." - Town of Vernon website

This website is for those concerned that a Country-Rock Concert Venue at Exit 66 will change the character of our town and particularly the neighborhoods in the southern section of town. Will we still be able to enjoy suburbia? On this page you'll find information contributed by your neighbors and relative to the controversy. Please send any information you would like to share with neighbors.

The Issue

TicketNetwork sells concert tickets and is located on Bolton Road in Vernon. They want to expand and have been quietly buying the land between South Frontage Road and the Tankerhoosen Brook. The site is thirty nine acres and is zoned Commercial. The concerts will be on nine acres and be known as the TicketNetwork Forest Summer Concert Series. Concerts are already being promoted online.

They plan to host at least 20 outdoor concerts between May and October on weekends and holidays beginning this summer. Site work is underway. Music will be country and rock bands. Each concert is expected to draw 2,000 people. There will be 3 parking lots at the site and on Bolton Road for 800 cars. The plan shows only a shed as a permanent structure. Stage and toilets will be put up in May and taken down in October. There is lawn seating only. The stage is positioned facing I-84. They will sell alcoholic beverages.

Coming Up

We have a double header coming up on Wednesday, February 3 and Thursday February 4. In order to move this along the PZC set a special session for February 3. TicketNetwork was directed to wrap it up on that date. If they don't filibuster we will begin Public Input. The regular session on February 4 will be primarily Public Input, definitely a date to be there. A sign-up list for speaking was started at the last meeting. Check back here for time and location. There was again standing room only even at the larger Senior Center on January 21 so,hopefully, it will be held at a school auditorium. We'll also send another e newsletter when details are available, so join our email list if you haven't already.

In The Press

Articles are being published regularly in the Journal Inquirer and Vernon Reminder News as well as 'Letters To The Editor' in the Journal Inquirer. Links to these stories are provided. The tab at the top of this page will also take you to our Press page.

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Concert Venue Neighborhood
Click to enlarge

Affected Area: This map shows the Exit 66 neighborhoods surrounding the proposed concert venue. BS represents the approximate position of the sound stage which will face north. Click on the picture for a larger view. Houses show the density and proximity to the sound source. Within a half mile are most of the homes on Keystone Drive, Whitney Ferguson III Road, Bolton Road, Valley Falls Road, Tunnel View, Tunnel Road and the Susan Road neighborhoods.

Site Map: This is the site map as proposed by TicketNetwork and presented to the PZC with their application. It shows a lot of detail.

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There are many unknowns and concerns about the impact rock concerts will have on our neighborhood. They include concerns about noise, traffic, light pollution, litter, alcohol, future plans and more. Which will affect you? The link takes you to a discussion of these areas.

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What You Can Do

If you are concerned about the impact summer concerts will have on you, your family, your enjoyment of the area and your property values it's important you speak out and make them known - now! Next summer will be too late - once this is out of the bag it won't go back in.

1- Attend the January 21 Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting. Listen to TicketNetwork's side and be prepared to express your concerns. The list in the section above might give you some thoughts. There will be another meeting for public input on February 4.

2- Help spread the word. Most of your neighbors have no idea this is going on. Email or call them. A flyer circulated by one of your neighbors is posted online. You can copy, email, print or distribute it.

3- Write letters to the Journal Inquirer or the Reminder.
Journal Inquirer: Send to or PO Box 510, Manchester, CT 06045-0510. Don't exceed 400 words. Must include name, address and phone (they will call to confirm letter).
Reminder News: See Guidelines.

4- Let your elected representatives know you feel strongly about this issue.
Mayor Jason McCoy - Office: (860) 870-3600, Cell: (860) 978-0566, email:
Rep. Joan Lewis (Southern Vernon) - (800) 842-8267, (860) 240-8585, email:
Rep. Claire Janowski - Vernon, Rockville - (800)842-8267, (860) 240-8585, email:

5- If you have a Facebook account you can share thoughts and information at NO OUTDOOR CONCERT VENUE IN VERNON.

6- If you would like to be kept informed join our email list. Send name, email and street to

A Caution: Although we need to raise our voices and spread the word to our neighbors it is not permissible to directly contact any PZC member. They are like a jury in this matter and must maintain objectivity. Also please don't place flyers for your neighbors in their mailboxes. We've been admonished. You can write to the newspapers and shout from your roof top (but watch the ice).

Reference Documents

1- PZC Committee Members: There are 7 regular members plus 3 alternates. The information provided is from the town website.

» Go to PZC Committee Members

2- Application: TicketNetwork Forest's Narrative of Application spells out the plan in some detail.

» Go to Application

3- Zoning: The Planning & Zoning Commission basis its decisions on Vernon's Zoning Regulations. You should make yourself knowledgable about what the PZC considers in their ruling. Besides the full regulations some of the key areas of interest have been summarized.

» Go to Vernon Zoning Regulations
» Go to Zoning Highlights

4- Noise: Vernon does not have its own Noise Ordinance so TicketNetwork is referencing the state DEP regulations. Communities that do have their own ordinance usually make changes only to hours and decibel levels. We may want to ask Vernon to write a Noise Ordinance for our town.

» Go to CT Noise Law
» Go to DEP Full Noise Regulations

5- TicketNetwork Reports: TicketNetwork hired engineering firms to provide them with favorable reports to support their application in the areas of the environment, traffic and acoustics. You can access and study the full reports here. Warning - they are lengthy.

» Go to Environment Report
» Go to Traffic Report
» Go to Acoustic Report

6- Vernon's Long Range Plan of Conservation: The update of the long range plan is a two year study that started last fall and will go through much of 2011. A consultant, Planimetrics, was hired to guide us through it. Several very impressive reports with public input, maps and data have been printed and are available on the town's website. They are very well done and worth reviewing. They can help us make our case for preserving southern Vernon and provide a wealth of background information.

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TicketNetwork has been planning this project for the better part of a year. The concert site is incorporated separately under the name TicketNetwork Forest LLC. Their website lays out their vision of the site and the business.

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TicketNetwork is ably represented by Kahan, Kerensky & Capossela, LLP, the consensus go-to Vernon law firm for getting things accomplished in town. Their lead attorney at the hearings is Dorian Reiser Famiglietti.

According to their website TicketNetwork Forest LLC is recognized by the IRS as a 501(C3) non profit company, although we haven't been able to independently verify it. It was founded as a charity foundation on April 15, 2009. (They removed this information from their website on January 4.) The website also lists the donations they have made. Note the donation to the Vernon Police Explorers on April 14. Interesting timing.

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TicketNetwork is ably led by Donald Vaccaro. He is founder and president and is responsible for guiding the tactical direction of the company. Under his direction, TicketNetwork was named the second fastest growing software company in the United States and the fastest growing software company in Connecticut.

On the road to all this success there have been some speedbumps:
  • They received an unsatisfactory rating from the Better Business Bureau.
  • They were cited for wetlands violations in Vernon.
  • Other ticket brokers question their methods and ethics.

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